About Us

The printed t-shirt is the best way for us to express what we like, what music we are into, our sense of humour and our sense of style. No other piece of clothing is as good as the t-shirt for expressing our individualism - That's why we love t-shirts!

The Studio 315 is a small independent company based in the UK specialising in the design and print of graphics onto clothing. We mainly print onto t-shirts but we also have a collection of printed hoodies, sweaters and caps. Since everything is produced in-house we are able to offer our collection at a price that allows your taste to make the decision rather than the size of your wallet. We also like to print our tees in small runs so we can introduce new designs every week.

Our designs are inspired by popular culture, fashion, music, humour, anarchy and art. We collaborate with many graphic artists of diverse backgrounds and styles to create a unique platform for selling tees that you would never find on the high street.

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